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Shop ’til you drop @ Food Lover’s Market

For our ILT, we visited Food Lover’s Market on Sandown Road. Each group had a budget of R100 and it was very interesting observing their negotiation skills and making decisions. They had to choose two fruit from 3 categories (deciduous, citrus and sub-tropical) and pay for their goods at the cashier.  If they had money left, they may choose more fruit from the list. One group had only 10c left after their shopping experience.


Quails @ the AACL

The Quails had an awesome time playing with the rescued animals. These dogs and kittens are rehabilitated for adoption.  We also wrote thank you  letters to Mpho who works at the  Epping Branch.  Each child experienced “Living and Loving beyond Self”.


Enjoy reading the authentic letters our children wrote to Mpho. Many hearts were touched! Learning beyond the classroom in full swing!






Clubs and Societies @ SP Campus

To end our FIRST term at the SP Campus, our children did various activities like Decoupage, Card Making, Charm Bracelets, Baking, Science Club, Art, Mosaicing, First Aid, Survival Club, Horse Riding. Township Tour, Dance, Photography, Outreach to Pebbles, Science Club and Sewing.