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Afrikaans is koel! With Mrs Van Tonder!

When the heat and noise gets too much, Mrs Van Tonder takes the Pheasants to read in the shade of a tree! Thats how we keep Afrikaans cool! And when we have a guest visitor in the form of Mrs Stanford, things just get better!



Grade 4 Kanana Experience

When I arrived at Kanana, I felt excited and overwhelmed to be at the guest house. The children in the crèche were very cute and I was really looking forward to meeting them, but one child always wanted a piggy back. I looked around and saw dogs barking, people washing their cars and some others were walking their dogs. The visit to the township made me realize that I should be grateful for what I have. The thing that surprised me the most was that they can make such delicious meat, pap and chaka laka. The most memorable part of our visit was when we went to the crèche.
Mia QU

When I arrived at Kanana, I felt grateful for having a home, made out of bricks and for a wonderful school to work and learn in. The children in the crèche were so cute and one of the girls kissed my hand when we were going to leave. I looked around and saw shacks and wondered how could they survive in the cold and the hotness? The visit to the township made me realize how hard they work. The thing that surprised me was that they had to share taps. The most memorable thing was that Donald worked so hard to build a house out of bricks and it took a lot of years to build the house.
Biyu QU



Grade 4 camp at Simonsberg

The Pheasants and the Partridge classes had great fun on camp in Simonsberg. They experienced the outdoors and participated in various activities ranging from an obstacle course, puzzle pieces, trust your partner blindfolded,  to rafting on the small dam. They all enjoyed a night hike and playing stalk the lantern. They came home exhausted and extremely dirty which clearly means they had a fantastic time with old and new friends.

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Sprinkler time!

The Grade 4 children ran through the sprinklers to cool off on a very hot day in Cape Town.