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Partridge class of 2016 are hard at work

I would like to introduce you to my amazing class this year. They are all eager to start working and exploring new ideas. IMG_6762IMG_6763IMG_6764IMG_6765

2016 – It’s A New Year!

Welcome to the Grade 4 blog!

It is a brand new year and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you. We welcome Mr Bellwood to our team, as the Pheasants class teacher.

From The Grade 4 Team – Mrs Duminy, Mrs van Wyk, Mr Bellwood and Mrs Coetzee

Reaching out with a caring heart….

We celebrated Mandela Day by making a difference in the lives of children in less fortunate circumstances. Our Grade 4s have covered 240 books and made the most beautiful bookmarks for the children from Sophakama Primary School in Du Noon.


The pupils played a contraction memory game to reinforce the grammar lesson on contractions.  A few monster cards were thrown in to make it more interesting.


The children were taught how to write a limerick and then proceeded to write their own in pairs.  We clapped out the rhythm of a limerick using examples.  


There was a thief who had a plan

His plan was to rob an old man

They caught him at Spar

Buying a Mars bar

And they put him in a large van

By:  Zac and Patrick


There once was a mouse named Mare

Who lived in Jenny’s blonde hair

It was in a bad mood

It wanted some food

So bit her hard and didn’t care

By: Kay-Lee and Maxine