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Loving beyond Self @ AACL

Tatum Walsh Clevely wrote: My life now is pretty exciting, because when we went to the AACL yesterday, I saw a kitten. I really liked it so much. I went home and told my dad about it and my dad said yes! My cousin is getting the kitten and I’m getting a puppy.  (First image on right)

Our visit to the Animal Anti-Cruelty Leaque



Hein said, “This was one of the coolest outings. I loved Kirsty, one of the puppies. He made me feel I could save all the animals. The puppies made me feel bad that they didn’t have a home. I felt like I didn’t want to leave.”

Tegan said, “The kittens were very cute and the ginger cat lay on me. We got to hold the puppies and all the dogs wanted to be picked up. Our group went into a circle and the ladies put puppies in the circle.”

Kira said, “Our visit to the AACL was great. I’m really happy that the AACL tries to find people to adopt the animals. I felt sad that there were so many homeless animals, but I’m glad that they looked happy. The thing that I really felt happy about was that they try and take on as many animals as possible.”

Tayla said, “After we saw all the dogs, we went to see the kittens. When I hold one, it was digging its claws into me. I liked the teenager dogs as they were running around everywhere. When we left I was very sad.”

Ntsika said, “I got very excited after we arrived at AACL. We went upstairs and learnt how we should treat an animal. I felt so good when I met this amazing puppy, called Afro. I loved that puppy. Soon I will visit Afro again.”

Andreia said, “My favourite part of the outing was when I played tug-of-war with one of the dogs. I’m very happy to know animals are cared about and loved in Cape Town.”

Kaylin said, “I loved the baby puppies. My best one was Molly. She was as big as my hand.”

Pia said, “I loved the puppies because they are loving, caring and friendly.”

Jade said, “I felt a bit nervous when they got there. My favourite thing was to hold the kittens and play with them. When I got home I was crying.”