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Grade 4 camp at Simonsberg

The Pheasants and the Partridge classes had great fun on camp in Simonsberg. They experienced the outdoors and participated in various activities ranging from an obstacle course, puzzle pieces, trust your partner blindfolded,  to rafting on the small dam. They all enjoyed a night hike and playing stalk the lantern. They came home exhausted and extremely dirty which clearly means they had a fantastic time with old and new friends.

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Clubs and Societies @ SP Campus

To end our FIRST term at the SP Campus, our children did various activities like Decoupage, Card Making, Charm Bracelets, Baking, Science Club, Art, Mosaicing, First Aid, Survival Club, Horse Riding. Township Tour, Dance, Photography, Outreach to Pebbles, Science Club and Sewing.


What is blue?

Blue is the colour of the sea

with waves crashing with glee.

Blue is the colour of the sky

with the clouds rushing by.

Blue is the colour of sapphire

which many people admire.

Blue is the colour of Neptune

that’s higher than a hot air balloon.

Blue is the water that we drink

with many other delicious things.

(by Thomas Sinclair 10 years old)

What is red?

Red is the fire

burning oh so bright.

Red is the rose

growing in the garden.

Red is an apple

oh so sweet.

Red is a fire truck

passing by.

Red is your blood

flowing through your veins.

Red is a heart

beating oh so loud.

(by Paige Potgieter – 10 years old)

What is blue?

Blue is the colour of the sea

with people swimming in it.

Blue is the colour of crystal clear water.

Blue is the colour of the sky up high.

Blue is the colour of Neptune in  the Solar System.

Blue is the colour of a sapphire under the ground.

(by Dylan Redding – 10 years old)