Day 2 ILT: Chopping time!

What an exciting day! We transformed our classroom into a kitchen of a French cuisine restaurant and we were all ‘masterchefs’! My nerves as a teacher were shot after 1 hour of 23 sharp knives that were busy slicing, chopping and dicing. The chefs did a sterling job and were quite impressed with their fruit kebabs. They were delicious!

Food Lovers Market

This week is dominated by our ILTs (Integrated Learning Tasks). The learners are divided into small groups of between 3 – 4 children. For five days, from Monday to Friday, we are going to be embarking on a learning experience of a different kind. Today we went shopping at Food Lovers market and bought a large variety of fruit for our adventures for Day 2.The learners had to apply some of the skills and knowledge that they have gained over the last 6 weeks of school in order to complete various tasks and activities. The children realized that food is expensive and it was extremely interesting watching them barter, ask for advise and exchange fruit. One child had to fill out an exchange slip as she found a better special and wanted to return her fruit and get more value for her money.Fruit 1Fruit 2Fruit 3Fruit 4Fruit 5Fruit 6Fruit 7Fruit 8fruit

A great week to be a Pheasant!

The Pheasants have had a really fun-filled week this week, both in and out of the classroom. We started out on Tuesday with a wonderful visit to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League where Mpho showed us why it’s so important to look after our pets properly. She also told us about the amazing work that the AACL does in helping the less fortunate to manage their pets correctly, as well as finding new homes for pets that have been neglected. The highlight of the visit was being able to play with the kittens, cats and dogs that are so desperately looking for homes. No doubt many parents received heartfelt pleas from their children to adopt one of these adorable animals. Check out the slideshow below to see a couple of images from our visit. My favourite is the smiling dog.

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In the classroom this week, we introduced the children to some traditional science experiments, and to the processes we follow when conducting experiments. The children had to create their own rainbows by reflecting light through water and onto a white surface. They had loads of fun trying different quantities of water, angles and distances, until they were able to get it just right to form a rainbow. And of course, anything that gets them out of the classroom is always a win.


In our second experiment we tested to see the effect of dish washing liquid on milk. We found out that the fats in milk react to the dish washing liquid and move about causing the food colouring to move.


And on Friday we celebrated Friendship Day by dressing up in pinks, reds and whites. We discussed the qualities of friendship and why it’s important to be kind to each other.


We look forward to another great week next week with the introduction of our iPads on Thursday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Craig Bellwood