Mother’s Day and Similes

The build up to Mother’s Day this past Sunday, presented the Pheasants with an opportunity to express their thanks to their moms. The students were tasked with writing a poem that needed to include a number of similes to express their feelings and thanks for their moms. To start with the students learned about the role of similes in the English language and practiced writing some of their own. They then took a sneaky selfie with their moms. They loaded the selfie into PicCollage and edited it with all manner of backgrounds, frames and digital stickers relevant to Mother’s Day. Once they were posted to Google Drive and printed, they were then used as the covers for their cards, within which were their original and heartfelt, simile-laden poems.

  1. Below is the cover and poem created and written by Sienna Casarin for her mom.


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do

Cause you smell like sugarplum and trifle too

You care for me like I care for toffees

I care for you like you care for coffees


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do

You have lips as sweet as the glaze on my cherry

So it’s really nice when you kiss me too

All the kisses I want to get, I have to get from you


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do


Sienna Casarin Gr4 Pheasants


Cycle Tests and Book Days

Our fantastic Grade Fours had another ‘first’ this week; they prepared for and wrote their first cycle test. While the papers are still being marked and moderated, and the results are not yet in, I can say that they were well prepared and for the most part quite confident about these formative tests. (I can’t speak for the parents though) In class, we refer to them as LFTs – Little Friendly Tests, or in some cases just as a “Check Up” to see how well they can apply the skills we have been practicing, thereby removing some of the stigma and angst associated with writing tests.


This week we also celebrated “Book Day” at school and the students were involved in numerous activities designed to promote a love for books and reading. The day started with some Afrikaans reading in groups with Mrs Van Tonder.


After that we went across and spent some time reading to our friends in the Grade 1 Sunbirds class. The Grade 1s were dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. This was a wonderful experience for all the students involved.

We completed our celebrations with two activities. The first was playing ‘musical books’, much like musical chairs, but in this version they had to have a quick look at the blurbs and covers of a variety of books available from the library before moving on again.

The last activity was creating a ‘reading cave’ using our desks, some blankets and pillows and a few dictionaries as weights. The snugly reading cave was a real hit on a cold, blustery day like today.

All in, it was an enjoyable day to celebrate books and reading.

Gugulethu- Township Tour

The Grade 4 children had the privilege of visiting Gugulethu this term. Our tour started at a very smart guest house. We then went to a local creche to play with the children. This was one of the highlights of our tour as our children were so compassionate and loving towards these little children and we all received loads of love in return. Our walk through Kanana, an informal settlement, was a real eye opener to most of us. This was true “learning beyond the classroom”. We also visited a local primary school where we found the teachers and pupils very accommodating and we were welcomed with open arms. Our tour ended with a meal at the popular restaurant, Mzoli’s. What a feast we had! Gugulethu is a warm and friendly community and a township tour is highly recommended.

Writing paragraphs using descriptive adjectives

The Grade 4s have been learning about adjectives and how they can be used to add more interest to their writing. Below are three examples of some children in the Pheasant class who wrote creative paragraphs using interesting adjectives. Well done! Here’s to lots more inspiring writing in the future.

A Storm

I stared out the window one morning and saw fat, grey clouds covering the sky. It looked cold and wet outside and the morning dew speckled the flowers and leaves. Soon, sparkling drops of rain formed in the sky and bright flashes of lightning beamed from cloud to cloud . I grabbed my blanket and snuggled up closer to the window while I watched this breath-taking sight. Bang! There goes the thunder.

Rosie Sherlock


The Puppy

On Tuesday I went home from school and there sitting on the mat was an adorable puppy with sparkling brown eyes. “Her name is Polly,” said my mom with a smile. She belongs to your sister. The little puppy stared at me and wiggled her little nose. The puppy had black spots and a brown patch on her head. The little puppy’s nose was pink and she had very sharp teeth.

Megan Brooks


The rollercoaster ride

A rollercoaster is a large, metal structure that gives people thrilling rides. You first stand in a busy queue waiting for your breath-taking turn. The minutes on your shiny clock take forever to go by. Finally, it is your exciting turn to go. You need to put on tight black buckles to secure yourself in the white seat. The scary rollercoaster starts and you feel nervous. My butterfly stomach turns inside out and I see tremendous views in many directions. My muscular heart beats quickly and the terrific ride stops suddenly.

Ross Coetzee





The pupils played a contraction memory game to reinforce the grammar lesson on contractions.  A few monster cards were thrown in to make it more interesting.