Saving Fred

The Grade 4s have had their first two lessons in a new learning area – Design and Technology!  There is much excitement about what this lesson can hold every week and they are dying to get stuck into their first project.  Before this can happen they had a taste of some of the skills they would be developing and using whilst in a Design and Tech lesson – problem-solving, critical thinking, compromising, clear communication, analysing and evaluating to name a few – whilst saving Fred.  Who is this you ask?

Fred is a worm who does not enjoy following rules and it often gets him in trouble.  This time he went canoeing without a life jacket on and his canoe capsized!  Fred is left stranded on top of his canoe with the life jacket inside it.  The Grade 4s had to help him into his life jacket and then into the canoe using only four paper clips – no hands allowed!  Needless to say the classroom was buzzing with strategies being decided on, levels of tenacity being tested and of course cries of excitement when Fred was saved.

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