Archive | July 2016

Learning to work in groups

Today was the start of a new term and new groups for the Guinea Fowl class. We played a few games to help us get to know each other and to work collaboratively. The first exercise was to build a pyramid using six cups, an elastic band and pieces of string. The children were not allowed to touch the cups with their hands.  They had to use the elastic band and the string.

Our second activity involved using 20 pieces of spaghetti, 5 large marshmallows and some cellotape. The idea was to build the tallest structure possible that could stand on its own. The tallest structure was built by Matthew, Dylan and Liam D. It was 95 cm tall.

Our third activity was playing a card game called Flip Three. It is a type of memory game but the cards have to make a sum. The child who ends up with the most cards wins the game.