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Day 3: Dissecting time of an orange

The Partridges dissected an orange discovering the pulp, zest,rind, juice sacs and many other interesting facts. They then drew a scientific diagram showing the cross section of their orange.Oraora6ora5ora4ora3ora2orange 1

Fruit, Glorious Fruit…. All in the taste!

Today we made fruit kebabs in class. Our 5 senses engaged enthusiastically during this activity and many new words were formed which are not in the dictionary….YET!

Shop ’til you drop @ Food Lover’s Market

For our ILT, we visited Food Lover’s Market on Sandown Road. Each group had a budget of R100 and it was very interesting observing their negotiation skills and making decisions. They had to choose two fruit from 3 categories (deciduous, citrus and sub-tropical) and pay for their goods at the cashier.  If they had money left, they may choose more fruit from the list. One group had only 10c left after their shopping experience.


Food Lovers Market

This week is dominated by our ILTs (Integrated Learning Tasks). The learners are divided into small groups of between 3 – 4 children. For five days, from Monday to Friday, we are going to be embarking on a learning experience of a different kind. Today we went shopping at Food Lovers market and bought a large variety of fruit for our adventures for Day 2.The learners had to apply some of the skills and knowledge that they have gained over the last 6 weeks of school in order to complete various tasks and activities. The children realized that food is expensive and it was extremely interesting watching them barter, ask for advise and exchange fruit. One child had to fill out an exchange slip as she found a better special and wanted to return her fruit and get more value for her money.Fruit 1Fruit 2Fruit 3Fruit 4Fruit 5Fruit 6Fruit 7Fruit 8fruit

Mother’s Day and Similes

The build up to Mother’s Day this past Sunday, presented the Pheasants with an opportunity to express their thanks to their moms. The students were tasked with writing a poem that needed to include a number of similes to express their feelings and thanks for their moms. To start with the students learned about the role of similes in the English language and practiced writing some of their own. They then took a sneaky selfie with their moms. They loaded the selfie into PicCollage and edited it with all manner of backgrounds, frames and digital stickers relevant to Mother’s Day. Once they were posted to Google Drive and printed, they were then used as the covers for their cards, within which were their original and heartfelt, simile-laden poems.

  1. Below is the cover and poem created and written by Sienna Casarin for her mom.


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do

Cause you smell like sugarplum and trifle too

You care for me like I care for toffees

I care for you like you care for coffees


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do

You have lips as sweet as the glaze on my cherry

So it’s really nice when you kiss me too

All the kisses I want to get, I have to get from you


You are as sweet as the icing on my cupcake

I hope you know that, I hope you do


Sienna Casarin Gr4 Pheasants


God’s plan for us!

How wonderful it is to use the Bible to teach us life’s lessons!  At Elkanah House we are very privileged to be able to do this.  The Grade 4s have been learning about the life of Moses and how God protected him from a young age because He had a plan for him. The children were encourage to write a prayer, thanking God for the plans He has for each one of them.  Here are some examples.

Dear God

Thank you that you have a plan for me.  I will try my best to follow your plan for me.  Thank you for giving me the gift to run and I run for you, Lord.  (Olivia)

Dear God

Thank you for the plans that you have for me.  Please help me to follow the plans every day. (Mia)

Dear God

Thank you for giving me a hope and a future.  Thank you for blessing me throughout my life. Thank you for dying on the cross. (Abigail)

Dear God

Thank you that you know my next move, that you know my next surprise, that you know my next scar and that you are my saviour. (Jessica)

Dear God, the Saviour of the world

Thank you so much that you have plans for me to prosper and not to harm me. I love you so much, Lord. Please remind me that you are in control now and forever. (Emma)

Dear God

Thank you that you have a plan for me in lots of details. I know that you will take care of me throughout my life. (Hannah)

Dear God

Thank you for your guidance through my life and how you manage to watch over everyone in the world 24 hours a day, 30 days a month and 365 days a year. (Liam D)