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Animal Anti Cruelty League outing

Trent from the Partridges

Trent from the Partridges

The Grade 4 classes organised an outing to the Animal Anti Cruelty League. The children collected old blankets,food, washing powder,toys and towels to donate to the organisation. The children listened to an informative powerpoint relating to the care of animals and the steps to take in reporting any form of abuse of animals. From there the children were allowed to explore and meet the furry animals. Both children and animals were happy to see each other. We all felt relieved to know that there is such a special place for all those animals that are mistreated.

Reflecting on Grade 4 so far.

We have been back at school for almost a month now and our Grade 4s are enjoying the new routines, opportunities and challenges of the Senior Primary

Here are some snippets from pieces they wrote at the beginning of the year about their first impressions of Grade 4:

“As I walked through the door, I was very overwhelmed. I looked around and I was so confused, I really didn’t know where to go. My new campus is awesome but very different. The most exciting thing is that it is going to be a whole new experience for me!”

“I am proud to be in Grade 4. ┬áThe most exciting things are the tuckshop, the iPads and an awesome classroom. I know I am going to have lots of excitement in Grade 4. I can’t wait!”

“I walked into our beautiful new school and was surprised at what I found. I met many new friends and that was extremely exciting. Our new campus is so large. My teacher has a good sense of humour and tells funny stories. Grade 4 is going to be challenging but I am going to love it!”

“When I walked through the door I could not believe how fast I had got there! I can still remember the day I started school. I had big butterflies in my stomach but at the same time I was feeling excited. By the time I got into class, I was feeling confident.”

“While I was waiting for my friends to arrive, my emotions were all rumbling around my head but I knew deep down that I was very excited. I think the new children are very kind and that I will make great new friends.”


Little engineers in the making!



Cooling down on a hot summer’s day!